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Meet our paid models

We wouldn't be here without our models. They are what inspire us every day. Our love for our pets is what drives us to do what we do.


Hi, I’m Grayson, also known as Gray Bae. I am the first born and obviously the most beautiful of the bunch. I like to stay humble though, so that the others don’t get too jealous. I was abandoned in a pet store when I was young, and then locked in a kennel in a vet clinic for a couple days. One of my special skills is luring people in by meowing loudly and waving my paw outside the kennel for attention. My mom is a sucker and fell for it. Ever since then, I have been #1 in the house. My past times include sleeping, begging for ice cream, and eating grass.


My name is Mac. My mom says I am the handsomest boy. I am very shy, but I love to cuddle once I get to know you. My mom took me home when she saw me hiding in the corner instead of playing with all the other kittens at the rescue center. My favorite place to sleep is either in my pumpkin or in my mom’s arms. I am currently fighting a battle against cancer. I think I’m winning because my parents spoil me with whatever snacks I want. As an Irish boy, I particularly like steak and potatoes.


Hey, I’m Loki. I’m better known as Demon Spawn. I am a Scorpio, just like my dad. I was brought into the family when mom was out of state for a while, so dad raised me the first couple of months. Mom says that is why I have no manners – whatever that is. I enjoy harassing everyone by chasing them and growling at them as they walk by. I don't mind cuddling a little during bedtime, but I will only allow three pats before I will attack.


Hello, my name is Nova. I like to cause chaos. I was an unplanned addition to the family. Dad immediately fell in love with me when he held me and looked into my big, adorable eyes. I am a bit of a troublemaker, and I like to get into everyone’s food, jump in the toilet, and chase my own tail. My parents think that I will eventually calm down, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

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